Tropical Acres Steakhouse traces its origin to 1949 when Gene Harvey, a successful restaurateur from Yonkers, New York, purchased an old frame house on Griffin Road and converted it into the Original Tropical Acres Restaurant in partnership with Pete Manfredi. Despite its “out-west” location business prospered, and its reputation for char-broiled steaks cooked in an open pit grew rapidly. Its success prompted Mr. Harvey to change the name of his Marni’s Supper Club in Yonkers to Tropical Acres. This restaurant was one of Westchester County’s most popular dining spots for decades.

In 1954 Gene Harvey opened a third Tropical Acres in Boynton Beach in partnership with his uncle, MIckey Tabano. Midway between Boynton and Dania was Lila McFarland’s Night Club in Pompano Beach, and in 1958 he and his friend, Bill Jeremiah, purchased the famous spot and opened a fourth. For many years, tourists and residents along the Gold Coast and in Yonkers, N Y enjoyed thousands of satisfying dinners at any one of these four Tropical Acres restaurants.

An early morning fire on April 1, 1964 gutted the Original Tropical Acres on Griffin Road. It was a daunting job to rebuild, but Mr. Harvey was encouraged by his cousin, Sam Studiale, a retired Naval officer, and in November of that year the Original Tropical Acres re-opened under the skillful management of Sam Studiale, our father and grandfather.

Each one of the other restaurants were subsequently sold during the late 70’s and early 80’s, leaving the original Tropical Acres on Griffin Road to carry on. With decades¬†of serving the public we have literally satisfied millions of customers from all parts of the world. We have witnessed many changes and experienced many ourselves, including a devastating second fire here on August 30, 2011. With determination, perseverance and hard work, we re-opened after six months and continue to carry on this unique tradition. Many of our employees have traveled this road with us for many, many years, and the mutual loyalty and concern we hold for each other is a major player in our continued success.